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WiFi Cam

...a portable WiFi Cam solution...

I design and 3D print... a LOT !

Unfortunately, my printer-of-choice - the Prusa i3 Mk3, does not arrive with any form of heatbed / model lighting or camera.

One of the things I LOVE about a 3D printer is that it can be working hard, turning my latest 3D design into reality whilst I'm busy with another part of the project (or a completely different project - or sleeping !! ).

Most of the time though, once I start a print, I only pay it intermittent cursory glances to see how it's progressing as and when I have the time / am passing the printer. At the beginning (far less now) there were a lot of failed prints and, once a print starts to go wrong, it usually goes wrong big style leaving a pile of extruded spaghetti and sometimes a plastic coated extruder head (often requiring a strip-down and rebuild. ABS is the worst for me) - a real nightmare and waste of both plastic and time... 

I designed this little 'cherry picker / nacelle'-styled solution to enable me to monitor a print's progress whilst away from the printer (probably shouldn't do that from a safety point of view but...). It uses Li-Ion pouch cells from a previous military project, a dLink network camera (I had one lying around) and some 3x4 panel LED 'floodlights' (like those found at a football park).


Being battery powered I can use it to monitor both the CNC Isolation router and the Prusa 3D Printer during prolonged work.

Anyways, here it is...

Opened up. . .

The 6 x Li-Ion pouch cells, voltage converter, charger, BMSs and On/Off switches are housed in the base and a small knob allows the camera to be raised and rotated on its 'turntable'.

Camera in use with the Prusa 3D printer

View from the rear

Shows the height adjuster, cable routing, turntable, micro USB charge socket (on the left) and the two On/Off switches - one for the LED lighting and the other for the camera.


© 2017 Ian Watts