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... the force is strong...


This is a hobby for me.

Like I've already said, I bore rather quickly and, with this type of project, I'm hopeful I can combine 3D design skills with ;

  • 3D printing

  • PCB design

  • AVR & Beaglebone/Raspberry Pi programming and

  • a load of general electrical and mechanical tinkering

AND...  learn a ton whilst I'm going... with the end result being a fully functional (if a little small : about 16" / 40mm high),

2-3-2-leg transitioning, fully sensor-ed, interactive robo friend.


I've been 'playing' for around 12 - 18 months now (started in February 2017, when I picked up a copy of SketchUp and began researching pictures and designs of my little R2 hero ! It's been stop / start ever since.... but I've made some progress and will document the project <HERE> and in the <BLOG>  -  once I actually master how to create / use the blog plugin  ;)


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