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Prusa i3 Mk3 Hot-end LED Lighting

I design and 3D print... a LOT !

Unfortunately, my printer-of-choice - the Prusa i3 Mk3, does not arrive with any form of lighting and I find it frustrating working in the dark and not to be able to see the 'action' as it happens - at the hot-end / extruder !

In the end, after using a torch / inspection lamp for quite a while and putting up with having to search for the torch or lamp each time I wanted it or finding the batteries dead, I cracked and decided to re-design the fan duct assembly to include some LEDs and, whilst at it, design a spool holder with modular tool-tray and LED strip lighting.

This is what I came up with...

Constituent parts before assembly...

After a little testing with the bench power supply and some LEDs, I decided that 5 LEDs each 'side' of the horse-shoe fan duct was sufficiently bright enough. Each set of 5 LEDs were connected in series with each other via a 1/2 watt 330ohm resistor. Care had to be taken to ensure that the 5 LEDS were connected positive to negative / anode to cathode!

The resultant positive/ negative ends were connected in parallel at the 2 pin male connector and each LED was push-fitted into place.

Underside & Topside. . .

The black 'lids' were then clipped in place with the help of some UHU (just to be safe - I didn't want them falling off during a print !)

The large through-hole on the right is for the PINDA probe.

The finished assemble clips onto the existing fan and uses the same single-machine-screw to attach to the extruder carriage assembly.

The switch-box. . .

A matching 2 pin plug was crimped onto a suitable length of cable and routed it from the hot end, through the cable run ending up at the Rambo board enclosure.

A small switch box was designed, printed and clipped to the Z axis /'gantry' frame, just above the Rambo enclosure ensuring that it didn't interfere with the extruder assembly movement.

The switch box houses a 500mA fuse and two On/Off switches; one for the overhead 'gantry' LEDS and the other for the underside / hot-end LEDs.

Cables exit the switch box to the overhead 'gantry' LEDS, the hot-end LEDs and 24V power in the Einsy enclosure.


© 2017 Ian Watts