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Swingarm cover-plate / transmission tunnel and Crankcase blanks

Swingarm cover-plate / transmission tunnel

To be fair, at this precise time, given that I have serious doubts as to the effectiveness (and, therefore, finality) of the scoots gearing, I have decided to carry out the most basic of tunnel / cover modifications. All I did was to mark out the upper and lower limits of the chain drive between the motor sprocket and rear gearbox input sprocket and then cut the marked area out with a hacksaw and file. A little sandpaper on the edges to finish and...

... this is what I have ended up with for the current time...

Once the marker pen is cleared off with some white-spirit then all will be well for a proper, chain-on test...

Crankcase blanks

These are to protect the internals form dirt, grit and water ingress as far as practically possible. In the case of my scoot, I have various cover / blank plates to design and fit :

[1] Oil pump blanks (I need to design one with a cable (motor) pass-through slot)

[2] Starter motor blank

[3] Crank shaft blanks

I reverted back to SketchUp again and then the 3D printer and came up with these which I then fitted:

I'm pretty certain I'll have to come back and spend some more time on the swingarm cover but, for now, given that I believe I'll pretty much definitely need to reduce the diameter / number of teeth on the rear sprocket (which will result in a slightly smaller chain 'spread' as the chain enters / exits the tunnel cover) I have decided to leave as-is and accept I'll have to modify it later - once I have a working scoot.

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