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Stripdown... Not much left

Updated: May 30, 2019

I started by removing the existing fairings and then all the ICE gear.

I ended up with 'just' the frame and the ability to work out where all the 'electrics' are going to go and how to mount them.

To be frank, there was very little that could be classed as 'difficult' about the strip down; just time and lots of photos (in case I needed to put something (or, indeed, all of it all back together again) and, certainly, for those parts I would eventually need to refit, like centre stand and swingarm. Photos are great for showing the order of things during stripdown. Rebuild is then a simple 'follow the photos in reverse' procedure !


Some images of the work :

After a week or so I ended up with something like this :

Stripped and motor test fitted on its plastic template-bracket

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