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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The scooter / project had become known by family and friends as the 'Scooty' / 'Scootie' project. When friends enquired it was generally along the lines of "How's that 'scootie' project of yours going ? ". Anyways, one night, over a few drinks, we came up with a project name / logo idea :


where the " ee " refers to electric energy...

Anyways, recently, I found I had some spare time whilst travelling and, as always, became bored !

After yet more research on both the Scoot and the GT6 (my next EV project) and, head buzzing from reading too much and requiring some time to absorb it all, ! needed a distraction... so I decided to play with the " Scoot-ee " idea in SketchUp and came up with some ideas.

My family agreed the idea was 'OK' as a sticker but would be even better as a desk 'sign', LED lit - but of course ! So I set to work (SketchUp, again) and designed a little desk lamp 'thing' for the Scoot-ee logo. In the end I came up with this idea as both a desk-/ shelf lamp 'thing' and to use the logo on the Scoot :

It's 18650 powered via its own micro USB charging board. Each cell has a BMS sandwiched between it and the LEDs. There is a main power On/Off switch but I also added the central microswitch which enables the LEDs only when the perspex plate is in-situ... It was just a it of fun... but I'm pleased with how the idea turned out - it's pretty effective as a desk-lamp thing and should look great on the Scoot as a vinyl sticker...

Now back to work on the Scoot...

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