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Why Bother ?

Updated: May 29, 2019

I covered this on the Project page, but...

For me, the Scoot is a cheap way to try out DIY ICE-to-Electric conversion, it also appeals because there are so many of these things out there that are being re-classified as 'dirty' and either being 'scrapped' / consigned to an early landfill or subjected to daily Low Emission Zone charges (which will only become more prevalent) and because I have to 'suffer' the noise, stink and dripping oil from my sons' and his mates' scoots and 50cc rides.

Looking at our 'typical' usage of a car / motorbike I can't foresee any valid reason (other than immediate cost) NOT to switch.

And then for the more eco-friendly, do-my-bit-for-the-planet, get-up-on-my-orange-box reasons :

Face it - personal transport will have to change. In fact it's already changing; UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy.... (and this is just some of the countries in Europe !) have all introduced Low Emission Zones in attempts to improve air pollution by reducing fine particle, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions from our transport vehicles.

Let's not get too pious but :

air pollution causes more premature deaths than road accidents

poor air quality causes respiratory (heart and lung) diseases in our young and old alike and has been linked to mental health issues in our old.

air pollution is estimated to cost the EU between 427 BILLION and 790 BILLION Euro annually.

the WHO classifies diesel emissions as carcinogenic

Why are we ignoring it ? ? ?

Perhaps, it's because there has been no viable alternative.

Perhaps it's because change is difficult.

Perhaps it's because the big fuel businesses don't want us to change and even lobby against it.

Perhaps it's because governments don't really, deep down, want us to change (certainly, not too quickly anyway) - the revenues are simply too great to lose.

Perhaps it's simply because the effects are, seemingly, so negligible and invisible on a local, one-to-one, right now, today scale.

Until recently !

None of the above 'reasons' stand up to scrutiny anymore. Undoubtedly, change is never easy, fuel revenues are VAST - for enterprise and governments alike. And, indeed, it's always easier to do nothing and justify doing so by quoting the nay-sayers... or saying 'What's the use ?' or 'What change will I make ?'

Electric technology (as just one example) has advanced phenomenally in recent years and is now poised to go mainstream. But it needs our help to adopt it and, thereby finance future advancements. Sure, it will never replace fossil fuels in all applications BUT it is already capable of replacing the fossil fuels we use, so readily and with seemingly so little thought as to the consequences of, in our personal transport.

One thing I believe strongly in is that we can ALL do something with just a little thought and willingness to change.

'Lecture' over ! Whatever the case, you must have some reasons of your own to have gotten this far. If my musings above or workshop 'tinkerings' can help - even in the smallest way - by way of encouragement or of a simple 'how to...' then I will gain a huge amount of satisfaction. I hope you find this blog useful. Why not add to it with your thoughts, electric projects and tinkerings ? Together is the only way we'll really make a change !

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