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1971 Triumph GT6

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...switching to EV...

Pre-EV conversion work

So, before I start the EV conversion full-on I ​need to :

  • remove all the original ICE kit

  • service / replace brake components

  • strip down and service / repair / replace other items such as heater matrix, seat trays, tunnel cover, steering, dashboard

  • refit the headlights, sidelights, quarter valences, rear-light clusters and bumpers etc.

Then I've broken down my research / re-work into various categories and will try to maintain a blog, <HERE> to discuss matters and update progress etc...



I'm still working this out... Whilst I'm tempted by the Tesla packs (E.V. West, USA) I'm concerned about the physical dimensions of each one. Smaller units (more of them) may be easier to site in bespoke battery boxes under the bonnet and aft of the rear axel in the newly vacated petrol tank space. I think (weight ratio not being adversely affected) I'll also dump the spare wheel (as with most modern cars) and use that space too.

I'm really keen NOT to too heavily modify the existing floor plan / body work to fit the batteries. Obviously there will have to be some re-configuration but I'm keen to keep things as original as possible.

I also looked at CALB 180's and Winston equivalents )all LiFePo4) but then found LTO tech. and spent a fair bit of time looking at them too... The challenge here is finding sufficient info to be able to purchase suitable charger(s) and BMS(s)...

It's still a work in progress... but I have some time... I don't want to see batteries lying around unused because I ordered them far too soon, on the other hand there is no substitute for having everything to hand before one commits to fabricating suitable boxes, running cables and making decisions on ancillary unit locations...


Motor / Controller...

Deffinitely AC !

Looking at the Netgain Hyper9 IS (with the AC-X1 controller) or the HPEV West AC50/51 (with a Curtis 1238/9 controller). Lots to consider here... not least of which is the required voltage (top speed). The Hyper9 is looking for 100V, the AC50/51 is happy with 144V. 100V seems (to me, anyways) to be easier to achieve than 144V (30% less batteries) and cheaper to increase the available AHr... but the car would be 44V 'down' compared to the AC/Curtis...

I need to spend a LOT more time considering the datasheets, gen'ing myself up generally and speaking to 'the great experienced ones' on the forums etc. I'm going to have a long time to regret any bad decisions here and don't want to make them for too great a lack of knowledge...

One immediate benefit of the Hype9 IS & AC-X1 over the AC51 and Curtis1239 is price ! VERY tempting to go for the Hyper9 IS... but... I can't help but ask 'Where's the catch ?'. Maybe there isn't one... but then... there's pretty much always a 'catch' when the price is so noticeably lower ... 

Like I say, MUCH more research needed here !



This is one area I think I'll be able to handle.

I'm currently investigating quite a few 'bits and pieces' here and need to make a decision re: batteries and motor / controller before I can tie many of these items down but, generally speaking, I'm looking for;


Security : door entry (central locking ? ), ignition, alarm

Main contactors

Brake switch

Regen switch / paddles (?) I'd like to be able to adjust the regen on-the-fly  if at all possible

Charger(s) - one internal to the car but another (higher power / faster charge) at the house

Charge socket

Fuse panel (there was only a really basic item with the GT6 as standard fit... there will be more items to handle now

GPS / Map / Music (probably only bluetooth)


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Again, thought and decision making required but... pretty straight forward

Currently looking at removing the existing wet heater matrix and re-configuring / modifying the existing heat box for 2 x 750W 110V pairs of heater elements... with the existing fan...

12V System

Again, I shouldn't have any 'issues' here. Much like other projects; a Hi-V to Lo-V convertor (current thoughts are for circa 30A rating) and a LiFePo4 battery pack.

The 12V system will 'only' be required for :

Light Loads                                                                                                 Heavy Loads

Instrumentation                                                                                            Headlights

Internal lighting                                                                                           Seat / panel heating

Heating / cooling fan                                                                                  Rear screen demist

Windscreen wipers                                                                                     

Indicators, side, number plate and brake lights


GPS / Map / Music


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