EireTech's Remote Data Logging & Look-up module

The ERDALL tracker / data logger was developed as the successor to the original Nav-Trax V1 tracker unit.

It utilises 90% smd technology on a quad layer PCB.

It combines the four discrete Satel 3as modems, used by the V1 tracker, into one Microhard SHx2420, spread-spectrum, full end-to-end encryption, modem which plugs directly into the top headers running the length of the board.

Instead of the original Leica System500 GPS, it utilises a Crescent Sx-2 sub-centimetre dGPS which plugs directly into the underside of the board, receiving differential correction data directly from the onboard processor and outputting positional data at up to 20 times a second. All proprietary sockets are also paired with a standard 8 pin JST connector for flexibility and future proofing.

It has a compass/pitch & roll sensor (Ocean) and bluetooth (Sena) connectivity built in. It has an onboard uSD card with (usually) an 1Gb data card that can be interrogated over the primary modem or bluetooth network.

Additionally it may be connected to a cabled or Bluetooth enabled Vaisla or Gill ultrasonic wind sensor.

Additional capability was added as a direct result of tracker use. ERDALL is AeroComm UHF modem and SocketModem GPRS capable (both MUCH cheaper than the MHx !!). Both simply plug into a daughter board which, in-turn, uses the paired headers running the length of the board.

All the boards were designed using NumberOne Easy PC design software and a CDC2 isolation router was put to good use manufacturing the first R&D / proto-type boards. All worked very well.

The firmware for the onboard brain, an AVR 2561,  was written using a combination of BasCom and C++.

200+ ERDALL units were built in total, of which100-odd were sold, the rest were kept for 'in-house' tracking and development.

The ERDALL tracker / data logger formed the heart of the Race-Trax system...


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